14 Day Reset

Detox often has associations with deprivation and hunger. This programme however, is a gentle 14 day programme that is carefully balanced to support healthful eating with a curated range of supplements.

This plan aims to support your body to increase vitamin and mineral absorption, reduce symptoms of toxicity, clear the skin and aid weight loss while improving cellular health and mitochondrial function.

Unlike many detox programmes, the menu plan and dietary guidance is dominated by what you CAN eat rather than what you CANNOT eat. You can choose to follow the included menu plan and recipes or you can use the guidelines to create your own nourishing meals.

Days 1-6 and days 10-14 you eat 3 meals and 2 snacks (including 1 shake of Ultraclear Plus pH). Days 7-9 are liquid only days, but you can consume unlimited amounts of suggested soups and/or home made juices, with 3 servings of Ultraclear Plus pH. So this detox will not leave you feeling hungry or frustrated.

I will support you before, during and after this programme with 4 x 15 minute consultations (phone or online) included in the price.

The cost includes: supplements and supplement plan, menu plan, recipes, booklet to track your progress, dietary guidelines, FAQ.

Please note: this programme contains non-vegan products