Additional Services for Existing Clients

Support Bundles

I appreciate that some clients require additional support in between consultations and with this in mind I have created some support packages that can be via telephone, whatsapp, whatsappvideo, zoom or email.

15 mins additional support: £25

4 x 15 mins additional support: £90

Kitchen Makeover £100/hour

  • I can help you organise your cupboards and help you fill your cupboards with foods that will support healthful cooking and nutrition. This service empowers you to look at what is currently in your kitchen and decide whether it should stay or go!

Guided shopping £100/hour

  • This empowers you to read food labels and avoid being influenced by misleading labelling that tempt us to buy products which appear healthy but aren’t. It helps you shop according to your budget and reduces your time spent on your weekly shop.

Menus and Recipes

While my consultations will include full dietary guidelines and some recipes, I offer a more detailed menu planning and recipes (personalised for your needs) for those who require more guidance and support.

* 2 week menu plan with recipes £150 (email) £190 (email and print)