23rd January 2021

Bread without the Bloat

The crispness of freshly baked bread that’s still warm as you pop it in your mouth is hard to beat. I recall staying in Paris with a friend as a teenager and going to La Boulangerie first thing in the morning to get our thin baguette. Walking back to the apartment, holding the bread wrapped in a thin slip of paper, felt so chic. The anticipation of spreading butter and jam on was almost too much to bear. Whether you are coeliac, gluten intolerant or looking to reduce carbohydrate intake or avoid the heaviness that eating some breads, it can […]
20th January 2021

Light your fire!

With the endless grey skies and rain in the UK right now, these drinks warm us from within. Check out how easy they are to make. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the ingredients, just experiment with the spices you have and see what flavour variations you can create! The use of spices helps elevate these drinks into health-supporting drinks that taste so great. Adjust the level of spices to your taste. Personally I love the warm kick of the cayenne pepper, but if it doesn’t suit you then leave it and anything else out. Let me know which […]
10th January 2021

Simply Cooked

Merchant Gourmet products are exactly what they say on the packaging…. ‘Simply Cooked’. The 100% cooked quinoa pouch that I have used in the recipe below contains: white quinoa (81%, water, white quinoa), red quinoa (18%), olive oil. No additives, no preservatives. This pouch just needs a little squeezing before opening to loosen the quinoa packed tightly inside. You can simply eat it cold mixed into a salad, or heat (as I have done in the recipe below). There’s a simple recipe to make quinoa porridge on the back of the packet: Stir the quinoa into a pan of unsweetened […]
10th December 2020

Christmas Scents & Sauces

One of the best ways to make the house feel seasonal is to fill the house with those traditional Christmas fragrances: Ginger, clove, orange zest, ginger and cinnamon blend to create a comforting scent that gently nudges you into the festive season. You might think that home made cranberry sauce is too much work and as there are some delicious ready made cranberry sauces that you can buy from the shops, why should you consider to make your own? Look at it as something calming to create. Take a moment to enjoy making this vibrant sauce. The whole family can […]
28th November 2020

Christmas on Ice

As 2020 is drawing to a close, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to resist decorating the house early this year. I think we all deserve a little sparkle after what has been quite a year! When I was a child we had the most amazing decorations. Commercial sized decorations that included the thickest tinsel strung across the ceiling. Hall mirrors were framed with white tinsel and red bauble concoctions that would be achingly retro and sought after if we still had them all. My decorations nowadays don’t include tinsel (think I’m allergic due to over exposure!!), but I still go hedonistically […]
23rd November 2020

Engaged Eating

Digestion begins before we even take our first bite. While we prepare food the aromas and textures and sight of food help stimulate our body to prepare for digestion. So it’s important not to rush the process – cooking doesn’t have to be elaborate but try and take a little time to let your senses start off that digestive process. Microwave food (‘ping’ food as one of my client’s calls it) and ready meals cut out this step. Time can be short and so the temptation can be to opt for ‘fast food’ but, whenever possible for digestive and health […]
8th November 2020

Green as a Dream…

Every time I see something green I am always reminded of words from the poem by Rupert Brooke called The Old Vicarage, Grantchester…. ‘A tunnel of green gloom, and sleep Deeply above; and green and deep The stream mysterious glides beneath, Green as a dream and deep as death.’  My mum has recited part of this poem throughout our childhood and still does now. We used to walk the very same river banks in Grantchester when we lived in Cambridge. This dish has nothing to do with rivers but plenty to do with green and does contain a certain amount […]
31st October 2020

Cholesterol and Your Heart Health

Are you confused about cholesterol and its impact on your cardiovascular health? If you are confused – I’m not surprised. A 2009 study highlighted that 50% of people who had died following sudden heart attacks had LDL cholesterol levels that were less than 100. Less than 100 would be within a range considered normal. So this study could be used to push for more extensive use of statins to drive down LDL cholesterol levels. But is this the answer? Think about it for a moment….our livers produce cholesterol because our bodies need it: we use cholesterol to make for example […]
13th July 2020

The Healing Power of Sound

Would you be prepared to take 12 minutes a day for 8 weeks to try something new that might just be life-changing? This year we’ve had an incredible lesson in the power of slowing down and being present. Initially many of us rushed to fill our days with activities and trying to learn new skills at home, trying to keep ourselves and our families busy.  It was hard to adjust to having days stretching out in front of us while we were confined to our homes. So much time to think. The silence was vast. I asked myself if my […]