13th July 2020

The Healing Power of Sound

Would you be prepared to take 12 minutes a day for 8 weeks to try something new that might just be life-changing? This year we’ve had an incredible lesson in the power of slowing down and being present. Initially many of us rushed to fill our days with activities and trying to learn new skills at home, trying to keep ourselves and our families busy.  It was hard to adjust to having days stretching out in front of us while we were confined to our homes. So much time to think. The silence was vast. I asked myself if my […]
6th July 2020

Weekend Roast & Leftovers

In recent months many of us were forced to rely on independent, local stores. They have proved themselves most worthy of our continued support. Their hard work to provide their local communities with great quality produce should not be forgotten now that restrictions have eased and we can venture further for our shopping. My local butcher in Arundel is rather special. This family run business takes immense pride in sourcing its produce from dedicated UK suppliers and they do their own butchery and make their own award-winning sausages in house. Find their contact details at www.arundelbutchers.co.uk Befriend your local butcher […]
7th June 2020

The One That Almost Got Away

With our legs dangling over the side of the quay in southern Spain we’d sit and wait patiently with our home-made bamboo cane fishing rods baited with the soft white part of leftover bread that we’d fashioned into doughy balls on tiny fish hooks.