After taking a client’s history within a consultation (additional charge), genetic tests could be considered.

Genetic tests show an individual’s genetic make up at birth, while functional tests show us how these genes are impacting our cellular function (what is actually happening in our bodies as a result of environmental impacts including nutrition).

Dnalife ® offer these comprehensive genetic test profiles for genes that research indicates can be influenced by changes to nutrition and lifestyle. 

All these genetics tests are simple to carry out in the comfort of your own home: a mouth swab which is very easy to do.

You can purchase the tests individually or in bundles. There are six profiles to choose from: Health, Oestrogen, Diet, Skin, Mind and Sport.

Please see Medcheck ® for price bundles for combining dnalife ® profiles with Medcheck ® test.

Assessment of over 35 genes involved in key processes:

  • Lipid metabolism
  • Methylation
  • Detoxification
  • Oxidative stress
  • Inflammation
  • Insulin resistance
  • Bone health
  • Iron metabolism
  • Food responsiveness, including salt, alcohol and caffeine
    sensitivity, bitter taste and lactose intolerance

Assessment of 10 genes involved in:

  • Oestrogen metabolism
  • Phase I and phase II detoxification
  • Factor V

Oestrogen hormones affect the growth, differentiation and function of a number of target tissues. Genetic variations can therefore, predispose an individual to hormone related disease such as breast cancer.

Assessment of 16 gene variations that impact weight
management via regulation of:

  • Energy expenditure
  • Appetitie, addictions and overeating
  • Taste sensitivity
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Fat metabolism
  • Sleep and activity patterns

Assessment of 18 genes involved in:

  • Collagen formation
  • Protection from sun and UV exposure
  • Inflammation
  • Protection from oxidative stress
  • Risk for male baldness

Assessment of 30 genes involved in:

  • Nuerodegenerative disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Adrenaline seeking
  • Addictive behaviour

Assessment of 20 genes in 3 categories which relate to sporting performane:

  • Power and endurance – physiological factors
  • Structural integrity – tendon pathology and injury risk
  • Recovery – training patterns and nutrition

Pricing Bundles

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All 6 dnalife ® profiles


There has been intensive research on the relationship between genes and response to pharmaceutical drugs over the last twenty years. There is now a sound body of evidence to support testing under clinical conditions.

The Medcheck ® test is one of the dnalife ® range of genetic tests that I can offer you.

This simple buccal swab allows the laboratory to analyse genotypes that are associated with drug responsiveness for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, psychiatry and pain management.

It is an invaluable tool if you are on medications and want to know if these are the ones best suited to you. The report gives me detailed information on gene-drug interactions, and indicates possible side effects, increased risk of toxicity or lack of efficacy. This information could help your GP or other healthcare provider to make tailored-made decisions for any medications now and in the future.

The test kit is sent to you at home and is a simple mouth swab that takes a minute to carry out. The processing time is about 21 days.

You can combine this with other dnalife ® tests in the range:

Medcheck ®


Medcheck ®


+ 1 dnalife ® test

Medcheck ®


+ All 6 dnalife ® tests

Medcheck ®


+ 4 dnalife ® tests