New Client Consultation Package

This package includes an Initial Consultation, one Follow up Consultation and a Vitamin D test.

Normally both consultations can either take place in my clinic or online via Zoom or Whatsapp video, or a combination of both. Covid-19 regulations mean that all consultations will be out of clinic until the situation changes.

Your initial consultation will last for 90 minutes and sometimes longer. During this time we will discuss:

  • your full medical history and your family’s medical history
  • your current symptoms and areas of concern
  • your exercise and lifestyle status
  • any prescription medications and/or supplements that you have taken or are currently taking
  • your current diet and eating habits

This information will enable me to create a detailed timeline of your health.

Following this consultation, you will receive a personalised report with nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

Sometimes I will recommend supplements and/or testing. I will always explain my rationale for any recommendations. Cost of supplements and testing are not included in the consultation package. Test results will be discussed in detail during a follow up consultation.

Your Follow up Consultation will last 45-60 minutes.

During this time we will discuss:

  • how you are feeling and compare back to your initial consultation
  • any new symptoms or concerns
  • your progress and discover if you found anything challenging and find alternatives whenever possible
  • reset your therapeutic goals

My aim is to empower you to optimal health and vitality with minimal supplementation, however sometimes supplementation can be recommended to support your long-term health. 

Please note that complex cases will require additional follow up appointments.

Prior to your initial consultation I will send you a health questionnaire to fill in and return to me at least 2 working days prior to your consultation. This is so that I may use the consultation time to examine your health status in detail. If you do not kindly return the questionnaire by this time, your consultation will be rescheduled and you will be subject to a cancellation charge (£125).