Supplements and Testing

Therapeutic supplements are some times necessary to restore balance to your body. Whenever possible, supplements are recommended for short term use and then balance can be supported by food. Sometimes however, supplements might be required for long-term use depending on your unique requirements.

I can arrange a wide variety of cutting edge functional testing, the results of which will be discussed within a follow up consultation. Functional testing allows me to provide targeted lifestyle and nutrition advice. It can give us clear information of your health status and how your body is functioning and testing is also very useful to assess your progress. 

The laboratories I work with include, Genova, Biolab, Nordiclife and Invivo Clinical. Testing is via buccal swab, urine, blood or saliva. Many are in home test kits which you can carry out in the privacy of your own home, while some require you to visit a laboratory or have blood drawn. This can often be arranged at a location to suit you.

Any supplements and tests, if deemed appropriate, will be explained to you within your consultation or within your feedback report. I will always explain my rationale for my recommendations for supplements and testing.

I am certified to offer dnalife ® genetic testing which can be a very useful tool together with functional testing to give key information that supports your therapeutic goals. Please see here for further details including Medcheck ® and dnalife ® testing.

Please note: Supplements and Testing are at additional charges which will be explained in detail during your consultation.