Client testimonials

We first got in touch with Jo after a routine blood test my 22 year old son had. The test indicated a low phosphorus level and thereafter the GP prescribed phosphorus tablets to see if we could get the level to where it should be. This was all good but we felt that maybe it would be of benefit to look at his diet and lifestyle with the help of a Nutritional Therapist and see if this gave us any answers. After forwarding Jo the 3 day food intake and lifestyle sheet she came back to us very quickly with recommendations and small adjustments which could make a big difference. Meal plans, recipes, lifestyle changes and advice on how to implement these into every day life. These were doable, concise and easy to slot into my sons average day and they offered a long term adjustment to a healthier, nutritional lifestyle. Jo explained everything clearly and in easy to understand terms at all times and has remained in contact to see how we are doing. It’s going great by the way and my son no longer takes the Phosphorus tablets! We have no hesitation in recommending Jo with her professional and friendly advice.

Male, 22

I am a 54 year old woman who came to see Jo to get some guidance on how I could optimise my health. I have always been interested in having a good balance when it comes to healthy eating and exercise but life’s busyness just gets in the way. There is so much general advice out there but I wanted to understand how I could maximise MY own health so I would not feel so tired all the time. I arranged to see Jo in her clinic for an initial consultation and eagerly filled out the health questionnaire and 3 day food diary. Jo was professional, knowledgeable, relaxed and personable right from the start. It was like chatting to a friend who had my best interests at heart. She gently recommended some lifestyle changes (making up a useful reference pack for me) that I could improve on and made some practical suggestions related to diet, exercise and work/life balance. Her suggestions made sense to me as she carefully explained why she was recommending certain changes and what difference they could make to my health and well-being. I revisited Jo in her clinic for a follow up session. I took her advice and I can honestly say that I feel more energised and excited about what I eat. I know she is there to continue my journey giving me advice and support for my future health. If you have a specific need or just want to pep up your energy levels, I recommend seeing Jo to help you achieve this.

Female, 54

I saw Jo twice to help me with my broken sleep which resulted in having midnight snacks. Jo spent time listening and asking questions which she used to form a plan for me to incorporate in my daily life. I have overhauled the way I eat and changed my bedtime routine. Since doing this I feel so much better in myself and am sleeping so much better. Some of what I have changed I have also included my family in and they have taken on the change brilliantly. I never knew that eating better more natural and wholesome foods would benefit me the way it has. This has been amazing for me and I would recommend wholeheartedly what Jo did for me.

Female, 44

After receiving my breast cancer diagnosis, Jo has given me invaluable emotional support and constructive advice. She explained in great detail how oestrogen gets metabolised and how my body became oestrogen dominant. She explained which foods I could introduce to assist oestrogen metabolism down the healthy pathway. This has helped me emotionally, knowing I am doing everything I can to prevent recurrence. Jo also structured a healthy eating plan for me including all food groups and making sure blood sugar is balanced, and explained the importance of mindfulness to relieve stress. Jo is an excellent nutritionist and coach. She is very easy to talk to, and you can be completely open with her knowing you are not being judged.

Female, 53

I asked Jo for advice regarding my acid reflux medication (I had been on PPIs for about 40 years). I was concerned about potential side effects after reading an article. Jo, working with my GP, supported me to reduce and eventually eliminate the PPIs. With the nutritional and lifestyle advice that Jo gave me, I have discovered my trigger foods and have also managed to loose weight which was an added bonus.

Female, 81

After struggling for months with my skin, poor sleep, and difficult periods, it was recommended that I try seeing a nutritional therapist. Jo is an incredibly attentive professional who takes the time to gather your history of health, no matter how small the details may seem. Her genuine interest in your well-being, combined with her passion and knowledge of nutritional therapy garners her results. In just under two months of working together I have noticed that my period came with no joint pain, swelling or cramps. I have had improvements in the length and quality of my sleep, as well as seeing my skin start to clear. I look forward to seeing what the next few months of working together bring, and would highly recommend Jo to anyone looking to improve their quality of health.

Female, 25