Vitamin D Test

Why test Vitamin D levels?

Vitamin D receptors are found on nearly all tissue types throughout the body. 

Higher vitamin D levels are associated with a reduced all-cause mortality. 

Vitamin D is especially important for bone health, brain health and cardiovascular health. A large scale study in 2018 showed that vitamin D supplementation may protect against cardiovascular disease through improving risk factors, including reducing blood pressure and inflammation. 

Low vitamin D has been linked to increase risk of falls in the elderly.

What does the test involve?

It’s a simple test kit which will enable you to create blood spots from a fingerpick in the comfort of your own home.

This is analysed by Black Country Pathology Services via the NHS.

Please note that I use different reference ranges for optimal vitamin D levels than the NHS ranges on the test results. This is because everyone has varying vitamin D requirements according to their individual health status and biochemistry.